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You have a solid-state problem? Then hire a scientific detective. We solve the case for you!
Numerous partners from research and European development departments rely on our analyses and our network. From start-ups to global players.

Analytical results are often the missing links to the perfect entire on the way to the end product ready for the market. Are you missing the last analytical building block for solving your problem? Or do you need further measurements for combining the analyses you have already acquired?

Rely on our experienced team and our network. After a conversation (video call / telephone call / e-mail) we find the exact analytical, scientific question and we help you on the way to a market-ready, perfect product.
Our analyses are of course subject to upmost confidentiality.

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Enable formulation development at an early stage

with our Solid-Chem Detectives provision, we can add value to your preclinical project while reducing timelines. During preformulation, the physicochemical properties of the active ingredient are studied. Understanding the relevant physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties will determine the appropriate formulation and method of administration for preclinical and phase 1 studies. Using small-scale analytical techniques, we can determine key properties of drug molecules, even when solubility is low and drug material is limited.

Our experience and technical knowledge can quickly identify molecular challenges with protocols that emphasize efficient use of resources. By applying our understanding of the physico-chemical properties of drugs, we can offer customized and rational pre-clinical formulation development support.

In doing so, we examine how a compound's physico-chemical properties can affect oral absorption and bioavailability, determine risk and propose formulation strategies. Using a rapid excipient screening approach, we can provide preclinical formulations that improve drug solubility and avoid unwanted in vivo sources of pharmacokinetic variability. In vitro tests with bio-relevant models can demonstrate formulation abilities to prevent oversaturation and to resist unfavorable situations such as pH-mediated precipitation and food side effects.

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Optimized analysis processes


With the right questions, we know how to find solutions on time.


Whether video call, telephone call or e-mail, we focus entirely on your wishes.


After consultation in the team, clarification of details, sample quantities, etc.
One contact person for you throughout the process.


We evaluate the right technology. In our laboratory or with other network experts.


Depending on the problem / method, send your sample if necessary.


The perfect analysis method is selected and the results are transferred.


For processing the results in a target-oriented manner, we prepare the analysis optically / graphically.


Selected analytics, presentation of results / findings and options for action.

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The Bochum-based company SOLID - CHEM GmbH was able to add a new crystallization process to its services with the help of InnoScheck.RUHR.

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